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Residential Painting

Your convenience is paramount when painting your home and special attention is made to ensure your specific requirements are met. All areas are covered properly while working to protect your furniture and flooring. We ensure proper preparation of wall surfaces to guarantee a professional magazine quality result. All areas of the home that are started are completed by days end.


Hiring the right residential painting contractor can make all the difference in a decorating project. Save time, money and frustration with the wide range of services provided by Burlington Home Painting and let us transform your living space into a fresh oasis.

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Our Low-odor Paint

We value your health and the space you live in, which is why we only use high-quality low odor, low-VOC paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherlin Williams Paints. Low-VOC paints are also eco-friendly so they're better on the environment. You can breath easy knowing Burlington Home Painting values keeping your living space healthy.

Custom Painting For The House With Creative Art

Do you love adding some creative design on your painted walls? Whether you are looking for a custom-painted kitchen or nursery, our home painting professionals are ready to help you. We make your walls look unique and beautiful. Our residential painting team can also create an artistic design on your feature wall or rooms 


If you are having difficulties choosing the right colour for your colour stories, we would be more than happy to help you with our in-home colour consultation.  


Furthermore, our professional painters can transform the overall look of your living space. We have the skills to beautify your home with innovative design ideas. Our team of certified interior painters always remain updated with the forecasted colours of the year from all major painting companies. 

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